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24 March 2011 : INFOSAN : Recalls of Undeclared allergen (peanut) in breaded fish products imported into Australia

Recalls of Undeclared allergen (peanut) in breaded fish products imported into Australia

Recalls of crumbed fish products imported from China into Australia was reported by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.  It was identified that the cause of the recalls is undeclared allergen (peanut) on a labeling.  A number of consumers who have a peanut allergy or intolerance get ill after consuming these products. 

According to the report, peanut-contaminated soy flour imported from China used in the batter is the source of the allergen.

It is described that “Peanut allergy” which is a type of food allergy is a severe, rapid reaction to the digestion of peanuts.  Symptom can vary from low to high allergic including atopic dermatitis (hives, eczema, etc.) and digestional discomfort to anaphylaxis.  As the most severe peanut allergies, anaphylaxis is a potentially fatal constriction of the airways and swelling of the throat.

 Several illnesses were reported in Australia including anaphylactic reactions after consuming these products. As a result, the recalls of the related products were initiated on 06, 18, 25 and 29 January 2011.

 The full details of the recalled products are available on the FSANZ website at the following link. 


 Furthermore, INFOSAN is calling for similar problems related to contaminated soy flour or documented cases of allergic reactions to these or similar products.



http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumerinformation/ foodrecalls/currentconsumerlevelrecalls