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22 November 2016: UK’s new proposed model for food regulation NEW !!

UK’s new proposed model for food regulation


At present, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) is in the process of changing the approach for food regulation to ensure food safety and authenticity for a modern and global food system in the future. 


Referring to the agency, in order to avoid risks for consumers in the situations that business innovation has outstripped the way regulation has always been done and it is needed to keep pace with the future food business, a new model for food regulation called “Regulating Our Future” is proposed and currently opening for comments.

Existing FSA’s food inspection model

FSA’s food inspection model that has been used for ages includes inspection by local authority to examine food assurance for consumers, including standards and hygiene. 


However, the agency revealed that the model is an intensive approach which other options are worthwhile exploring as a means for ensuring consumer protection.


Proposed new model: Regulating our future

FSA’ proposal is to change the approach that FSA and local authorities regulate food businesses to ensure protecting consumers for the future in a modern and global food system.  The agency is proposing a model called “Regulating our Future” that continues to implement the inspection and visits together with the information obtained from business’s data and accredited third party audits to ensure food safety and authenticity.


The agency further described that concerning differences in food business’ shapes and sizes, the new model will change from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to regulation.  So, its proposal is the implementation a regulatory framework that can be applied according to types of food businesses.


The overall view of “Regulating Our Future” can be viewed via: https://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/regulatingourfuturefuturemodeloverarchingview.pdf

Asking for comments

FSA has conducted a three month trial to collect data from related persons and authorities that will be useful for developing a new, more comprehensive and transparent system of business assurance.


The agency is asking for comments from local authorities, businesses and consumers as well as those who are interested in this aspect. 




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Date : 22-November-2016